Bible Curriculum for grades 1-8

We are excited that you are starting on the Encounter journey with us by delving into the Encounter materials. This program uses the Bible as the textbook and Jesus as the Guide for transforming not only your students’ relationship with Him but yours as well. To this end, using this kit along with the unit guides, appendices, and online resources will help your students not only discover, inquire, and experience Bible stories and spiritual truths, but also encounter God Himself. As you explore the Encounter materials, our prayer is that you will be inspired, encouraged, and empowered to teach, with the help of the expansive array of supportive resources. You may find yourself adding your own materials to these kits as your understanding and engagement with the teaching of this transformational program grows. The key goal of the Encounter curriculum is to aid Adventist teachers in our primary goal—to bring our children to the feet of Jesus.
Go with God.

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