Encounter Q&A

What is the Adventist
Encounter Curriculum?

It is a seamless curriculum from grade 1–12 that is intentional about exploring the Bible with the goal of making a difference for eternity. It focuses on equipping students with strong knowledge of the Bible, while also building a close, living relationship with Jesus.

Who developed this
Bible Curriculum?

The Adventist Encounter Curriculum (kindergarten through Grade 10) was initially developed by the Australian and New Zealand Adventist Education Departments (AUC and NZPUC). It has been taught in Australia and New Zealand for the past several years, with much success. Before releasing it throughout the NAD, it has been updated and contextualized. The North American Division developed Grades 11 and 12 independently.

How has the North American Division adapted and developed the Encounter Curriculum?

Although the NAD has adopted this K–10 curriculum from the Australian and New Zealand Adventist Education Departments, considerable time and resources have been spent in piloting, reviewing and rewriting the material for the American context. All unions have been included in the twenty-five academy pilot, which involved a range of demographics to ensure relevance. The NAD Encounter Steering Committee has overseen the pilot and review of academy Encounter materials, and the NAD Education Directors and Associates and other stakeholders at all levels have been heavily involved in the development process. The NAD is also developing grades 11 and 12 from scratch. The Biblical Research Institute has been, and continues to be, consulted in a significant way in the review process, and as the new materials are created, and are supportive of the curriculum.

What is so different
about this Bible

The Adventist Encounter Curriculum has a Biblical discipleship focus, and seeks to transform students’ lives and equip them to walk with God. It uses the Bible as the foundational source of truth (the textbook), while focusing on students’ personal walk with Jesus. It also uses the latest pedagogy practices so that students become “thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men’s thoughts.” (EGW, Education, p. 17) It focuses on both content and process in students’ learning.

Why is there
no textbook
for Encounter?

There actually is a textbook for Encounter—it’s the Bible! Other textbooks tend to date fairly quickly, so in the Encounter units, we provide a list of activities, resources, and a very comprehensive teaching plan for teachers to follow. These units can be updated regularly as new resources arise, and as needs may change. Each Encounter unit comes with a Resource Kit (posters, DVDs, books, and other unique materials) as well as a Resource flash drive (electronic materials also available to teachers in the Resources section this website).

What does
assessment look like
in this curriculum?

The Encounter Curriculum units include both formative (ongoing checks along the way) and summative assessment (projects, tests etc.) options, since ongoing, visible, lifelong learning from the Bible is the goal. The multiple intelligences are harnessed so that each student is challenged and stretched in their learning environment. The aim of assessment tasks is for students to grapple with the topics explored in class, and to be able to apply, analyze and create personal and practical applications as a result of their learning.

Developed by curriculum specialist, Lanelle Cobbin, this framework is a pedagogical tool that is used in each Encounter teaching unit as a means of sharing a series of learning activities.

How does the Adventist Encounter Curriculum view Spiritual Formation?

The Encounter Curriculum is very aware of the subtle dangers of spiritual formation and completely rejects any authors or resources associated with it in the material that is produced. You can find more information in this document.

When will the Adventist
Encounter Curriculum
be made available
to NAD schools?

The full Adventist Encounter Curriculum is being retooled specifically for the North American Division following the successful pilot program and is available now for grades

What do I need to
do before I teach

You will need to attend a training event before you can teach this curriculum. Please see the list of dates and the training program in the TRAINING section of this website.

How can I get access to the Encounter curriculum?

After you have received Encounter training, you will be given access to the Resources portal of this website, where you will find all units and materials. The elementary and secondary resource kits are available at AdventSource.

Who should I contact for more information?

Please contact your Union Education Department or the NAD Education Department.

Bible Curriculum
for grades 1–12

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